Booking Made Fabulous: Find Out How with Our FAQs!

Got questions about boosting your drag career or booking the fiercest talent for your venue? Dive into our FAQ page where we answer all your burning questions.

What is Dragvertising and how does it differ from other booking platforms?

Dragvertising is a specialized community platform dedicated to celebrating and elevating the art of drag. Unlike broader booking platforms, it focuses solely on drag performers, offering a stage for queens and kings to showcase their talent, connect with fans, and secure bookings. It provides quality assurance through a vetting process and a seamless booking experience with a Worry-Free Guarantee.

How can drag performers benefit from joining Dragvertising?

Drag performers can use Dragvertising to showcase their Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent (C.U.N.T.) and transform it into a successful career. The platform allows them to get leads, send quotes, collect payments, and book gigs—all while building their personal brand in the drag community.

What services does Dragvertising offer to event planners and venues?

For event planners and venues, Dragvertising provides a curated list of vetted drag performers to match the vibe of any event or venue atmosphere. It helps in discovering talent that resonates with audiences, ensuring events are memorable and venues become hotspots for fabulous drag performances.

How does the booking process work on Dragvertising?

The booking process on Dragvertising is straightforward: Sign up to create a free profile, browse and connect with performers using advanced search features, and then book your chosen talent securely through the platform, backed by the Worry-Free Guarantee.

How does Dragvertising ensure the quality of performers on their platform?

A8: Dragvertising implements a rigorous vetting process for all performers to ensure that only top-tier talent is featured. This process helps maintain high standards and assures clients that they will be booking professional and talented performers for their events.

What makes Dragvertising unique in the world of drag entertainment?

Dragvertising stands out due to its commitment to empowering drag performers and its focus on community and connection. It’s not just a booking service; it’s a movement to make drag more accessible and lucrative. The platform is tailored to the needs of the drag community, ensuring that every drag persona has a voice and the opportunity to shine.

Is Dragvertising suitable for all types of drag performers?

Absolutely, Dragvertising is inclusive and caters to every type of drag persona, from glamour queens to comedy queens. The platform celebrates the diversity within the drag community and provides opportunities for all performers to shine.

How can I sign up for Dragvertising and what are the costs involved?

Signing up for Dragvertising is quick and easy. You can create your free profile in minutes here. While the platform offers free profiles, there may be additional features or services that we will release in the future that may have a cost associated with them. 

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