Iconic Drag Brand Concierge

Iconic Drag Brand Concierge


Your Very Own Personal Brand Coach will provide you dedicated direction and crystalized clarity on your personal brand identity + a deep understanding of your own iconic identity — because there is no personal style without personal development — who you are and who you’re becoming matters!

A fully curated and personalized Digital Drag Platform specially designed for you to showcase your personality and sell your merchandise from the comfort of your own home or on the go. Imagine walking into a stage with your name on it where everything is already vetted for every single one of your preferences, delights, surprises, sizes, and occasions. GIRL. Yeah. It’s GOOD.

THE GOODS! A new and ever evolving brand identity that screams ICONIC. Logo, graphics, photography and marketing. We’ll do all the behind the scenes work and allow you to really STAND OUT and GET BOOKED.

As your Brand Manager I’ll be WERKING to fully support YOU — your lifestyle, career, and cash flow. How you look impacts how you feel. How you feel impacts what you believe. What you believe impacts how you show up. How you show up impacts what you $$$ make $$$. We’ll make sure everything is aligned.

Unlimited Slack / Email / Phone support throughout the entirety of our time together to ensure maximal personal touch points. I am readily available to you and look forward to building a relationship with you as the newest edition to your team!

A Digital Brand Style Guide that acts as your Personal Style Brand Bible. It has your style identity spelled out + curated graphics and marketing material based on your visual branded templates to help you brand yourself in the future.

The option to continue working together and evolving your style + iconic identity after our initial partnership!

INSTANT ACCESS to me upon acceptance into the Drag Brand Builder Program. This means your style journey starts IMMEDIATELY. 

A December & July Care Package full of friggin FABULOUS hand-selected gifts and goodies (worth hundreds!) that invite all your senses — touch, taste, sight, sound, and scent — into your celebration day. Your Care Package is designed to set the CELEBRATE You, and Your Brand tone and curate an environment that guides you into feeling fully jazzed and supported as you continue to grow on your drag journey.

$1,000 Down / $699 Per Month