Build Your Mother-Effing Iconic Brand

You were born to be an icon. Are you prepared to transform your drag character into a bankable brand and step into your iconic status once and for all?

Dr. Moana

It’s funny, a year ago, it would’ve never occurred to me to try to take my Drag to the next professional level. I thought I was “too old”, I thought nobody would want to see me, I didn’t think my Drag was that good. And now I have a completely different attitude and nobody can stop me! I gotta say, I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I am so glad that your advertisement came across my social media page.

Dr. Moana Lotte
Drag Queen, Licensed Therapist & Life Coach


Your Drag Brand is Built


Choose Your Brand Builder Package + Pay Deposit

We’ll ask you about your professional goals, drag character and personality. Then we’ll develop a step-by-step strategy for achieving brand recognition and earning super-fans.


Make It Happen with Your Digital Drag Platform

Your digital brand platform will be developed by our skilled team of marketers, designers, and coders. The more information you give us, the more unique your brand will be.


Promote The Fuck Out Of Yourself

Within two weeks, we’ll deliver your brand and digital platform, and then we’ll assist you construct long-term buzz that draws attention, remembrance, affection, and sharing.

Promote Yourself like a Mother-Effing Icon!

OH YES, HONEY, you’re worth it — because you know how vital YOU 2.0 is to your own success and your audience

Why Having a Personal Brand for Your Drag Persona is More Important Than Ever

One of the most important things for advancing your drag career is to define and use your personal brand. Your brand is your vision of who you are and what you do for your audiences. It is a message that distinguishes you from your competition, by expressing what makes you unique and memorable. This way, your super-fans connect with you emotionally, and producers want to work with you too.

Let us build your 

Drag Brand!

To Start
  • RPay monthly, use it forever
  • RBuilt in two weeks
  • RWe do everything for you
  • RPersonalized design + copy
  • RMake a great first impression
  • RWeb hosting included
  • RYou own the copyrights
  • RGet your own drag website
  • RStart getting noticed today!
  • RPay once, use it forever
  • RBuilt in two weeks
  • RWe do everything for you
  • RPersonalized design + copy
  • RMake a great first impression
  • RWeb hosting included
  • RYou own the copyrights
  • RConnect your own domain
  • RStart getting noticed today!
  • RWeb hosting included

Start Building Your Iconic Brand Today

Everything you need to take your drag career to the next level whether you are a beginner or a pro!

Schedule Your Free Interview Today!

During the Drag Battleplan Interview, which serves as our roadmap for all our Drag Brand Builder packages, we’re looking for your charisma, your uniqueness, nerves, and talent. If you are ready to slay, then get started today. Good luck, and don’t Fuck Up!

Our Brand Partners

Aligning our drag artists with unique opportunities to generate multiple streams of revenue

Your Digital Drag Platform will help you…

Showcase Your Personality

Your personal brand not only enforces your credibility, but also gives you a new outlet of unique expression. How will you hone your brand to use it as a tool to get them coins.

Own Your Own Platform

You’ll own a digital platform that you can do whatever your heart imagines. Whether you want to focus on bookings or you want to transform your platform into a money-making-machine.

Disseminate Your Media Kit

Give potential club owners, promoters and event planners the ability to download your media kit. Your kit will include your headshots, your best performance videos, your logo in various formats, your drag bio and reigning titles.

Get Tipped Virtually

Give your fans a way to shower you with gifts right from your website. We’ll hook up all your payment processors such as Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay to collect virtual tips.

Engage Your Fans Online

Having a personal brand, and a killer website creates the space for you to give your fans a truly VIP experience with you. Allow your super-fans the opportunity to get an up close view of your life.

Sell Your Drag Merch

Once we build your brand together we will help you start selling your personalized drag merch, garments & jewelry. You’ll have the ability to set up and sell whatever you’d like right from your own personal swag shop.

Charge Premium Rates

You chose to do drag is to showcase your alter-ego, creativity and talent. Giving your drag persona a personal brand identity will help you get noticed by more booking agents and will build your credibility.

Share Your Unique Story

Give your fans a chance to get to know you on a personal level, giving an inside peek of who you are. Allow fans to learn about your background and what brought you into the world of drag. 

Upload Your Best Videos

Show the world your unique style of performance, all of your best dance moves, make-up tutorials and your best drag. Drag performers that showcase their show & makeup tutorial videos tend to get more visibility and brand recognition.

How We Promote You!

Drag Show Promotion

Sell out the house by promoting the fuck out of your next drag show, drag brunch or drag production. From ticket sales to marketing materials we can help you bring the crowd and create an event to remember.

Drag Merchandise

Creative goodies such as custom jewelry, stickers, patches, tshirts, candles that have your logo plastered all over them. You’ll have an extra income stream that you can sell at your next drag brunch and your online store.

Brand Partnerships

We’ve built long lasting relationships with luxury cosmetic brands, alcohol/spirits brands, top-notch nightclubs. We match your personal style and personality to brands and align you as their spokesmodels!

Brands We’ve Created

Alexandre Valentino Skye

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